What a difference a year makes…

Sometimes what starts out as a rather ordinary event actually becomes life-changing. Never has that been more true for me than this past year. In April 2016, I attended the All Things Silhouette Conference (ATSC) in Peachtree City, Georgia. I almost didn’t get to go because I waited too long to register and when I went online to purchase a ticket, they were sold out. Knowing how disappointed I was, my sweet daughter posted on Facebook looking for someone that might need to sell their ticket and received an almost immediate response. Little did I know how much impact that was going to have on me!

I flew to Atlanta not knowing exactly what to expect but looking forward to a weekend spent with other Silhouette enthusiasts. I don’t consider myself an outgoing person but I AM friendly 🙂 so when I found a seat by a very nice woman at the Meet & Greet on Friday night, we struck up a conversation and soon found we had much in common. Both of us had traveled from Texas, both of us were attending our first conference, and both of us expressed great love for our Silhouettes (and our blasting cabinets!). Little did I know that Heather would quickly become a dear friend whom I now share weekly (and sometimes daily!) conversations with. An ordinary event that became life-changing.

The weekend was great! I enjoyed the classes I took, did lots of shopping in the vendor hall, and met several more nice ladies. Heather and I saw each other throughout the weekend and even attended a couple of the same classes. On Sunday morning, I attended a devotional led by the organizer of the conference, Terri Johnson. We hadn’t discussed it with one another before-hand, but Heather was there too. Terri spoke of the reasons why what we do as crafters is so important. She put into words what my heart had been feeling for a long time – that the things we make are more than just a way to satisfy our own creative urges; they are our way of sharing a part of ourselves with others. Gifts given from the heart and made with our hands are precious. A seemingly ordinary event, yet…life-changing.

I didn’t have to leave Atlanta until Monday morning so I spent Sunday evening relaxing in my hotel room. After a whirlwind couple of days, it was so nice and peaceful to sit on the balcony and enjoy the spectacular view. I had plenty of time to think about what I’d learned, what more I wanted to learn, and what might be on the horizon for me. The more I thought about it, the more I knew I wanted to become a Silhouette instructor. I had scoffed at the idea only a few days earlier when my husband mentioned it, but now I was thinking differently. By the following Tuesday I was signed up for the first Terri Johnson Creates Instructor Licensing event. September couldn’t come fast enough! My life had definitely been changed.

So here I am, exactly one year later and I am at a place in life I never would’ve dreamed possible when I got on that plane to Atlanta. Heather and I are both Terri Johnson Creates Licensed Instructors. I’m teaching classes and meeting lots of great people. I’m learning what it takes to maintain a website and write a blog.  And I’m realizing that it’s never too late to try something new!


In June I’ll once again be attending the ATSC in Peachtree City. I’m looking forward to taking more classes, catching up with some of my fellow instructors, and making even more friends who share my love for the Silhouette. If you’d like to attend, don’t wait too long to register. Tickets are still available but selling quickly. I guarantee you’ll have a great time. And while you may not experience anything quite as dramatic as I have – I’m pretty sure your life will be changed!








  1. Cheryl Mock says:

    I copied your ‘spot on’ quote about why we craft… it’s my reason also.
    I’ve attended an ATSC and a retreat that Terri Johnson hosted in her hometown as well as 3 big retreat weekends locally. While I love learning, and fall in love with my Cameo over and over again, I admire you for opening yourself up to new adventures. Have fun and I wish you much success!

    • Lycia says:

      Thank you so much, Kelly. I totally agree! I will definitely say hi when I see you in June. I just started experimenting with the Curio and love it! I hope you’ll be teaching some classes to show me more things I can do with it :).

  2. Terri Johnson says:

    Dear Lycia — This certainly touched me & meant a lot to me today. Thank you for sharing. I’m so glad that you have come along & joined us!! Heather too – -and I”m glad to have had the opportunity to get to know you both. Hugs!

  3. Nancilee Kaatz says:

    I enjoyed this post so very much and I totally agree that it’s never too late to discover a passion you never thought possible. I’m so happy you found Silhouette and wish you much happiness and success in the future!! I definitely think the fun of silhouette is contagious!!

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