What is a Silhouette?

“Silhouette” refers to the brand name of several different models of machine. Most often when you hear the word “Silhouette” the person is referring to the Cameo, which is a digital cutter. The current model is the Cameo 3. It can cut materials up to 12″ wide and 10 feet long. A smaller version of the cutter is the Portrait, which has the ability to cut up to 8″ wide and up to 10 feet long. Silhouette makes two other machines – the Curio and the Mint. The Curio stipples, etches, debosses, and embosses, in addition to cutting. The Silhouette Mint is a custom stamp maker that utilizes thermal printing technology. Once inked, it can be used more than 50 times before re-inking.