Ceramic Tile + Vinyl = Easy Decor Items (free cut files included!)

I recently helped a friend with some decorations for her son’s rehearsal dinner. The event was held outdoors and she made simple centerpieces to go along with the rustic theme. To complete the décor, we added monograms and favorite quotes to 6” square ceramic tiles using permanent adhesive vinyl (Oracal 651).

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What Mama wants…

I am blessed with a wonderful mother! She’s always giving of herself and asking very little in return. So when she mentioned that what she’d really like for Mother’s Day was for me to help her clean up and organize her sewing room, I jumped at the chance. I love organization almost as much as I love my Silhouette and I love my Mama even more – and what Mama wants…Mama gets!!!

I’m pretty sure her original intention was for us to simply clear the cutting table, de-clutter the room a bit, and organize her fabric stash. But in order to give her a space that would truly inspire creativity, I knew we’d have to go deeper – a LOT deeper. So we began by emptying out her storage closet. We sorted, we purged, and we organized. Then we sorted, purged, and organized some more. And then we sorted, purged, and organized even MORE. Turns out that I had greatly underestimated Mom’s ability to stash so many things into one relatively small space!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

When my oldest son was in preschool I remember his teacher commenting that May is always a busy month. Being young, naïve, and the mother of only one child (whose birthday is in December), I thought to myself “what is she talking about?” Fast-forward almost 25 years and I’m definitely older, hopefully wiser, have two more children (both born in May!) and now know EXACTLY what she was talking about!

In a month full of birthdays, graduations, holidays, and various end-of-school-year activities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and think you don’t have time to hand craft a Mother’s Day gift. But even though her special day is just around the corner, with your Silhouette (and some help from a few generous bloggers) you may be able to pull off a handmade gift for Mom after all.

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