Silhouette Studio: Shortcuts to Success
(with bonus printable!)

I’ve been a Silhouette Studio user for many years and keyboard shortcuts have become second-nature to me. When I’m teaching, however, I notice many students use the drop-down menus instead. Frequently this is out of habit, but more often it’s because they simply aren’t aware that a shortcut exists. Once you become familiar with shortcut keystrokes and realize how much they can speed up your workflow, all it takes is a little practice and repetition before you too can be “shortcut savvy”!

Currently there are more than 80 keyboard shortcuts available in Silhouette Studio. Continue reading →

Creative Cutters: Fun with Fabric

Here in Texas, you’d think it was still summer judging by the thermometer. Except for the occasional cool day, temperatures have been in the high 80s and low 90s. But when the Creative Cutters group got together for our October meeting, fall was definitely in the air!

Creative Cutters

Each time we meet, I’ve been excited to see a few new faces in the group and this month was no exception. Everyone was eager to have “fun with fabric” and learn more about Terial Magic and Silhouette fabric ink. Continue reading →

Turning Artwork into Wearable Art
using Silhouette Studio

What could be more fun for a kid than being able to wear a shirt featuring a design of his or her own creation? I’ve been wanting to turn one of my grandson’s drawings into a t-shirt design for some time and when he came to visit recently, I finally got the chance. It’s a relatively easy process and today I’ll show you exactly how you too can turn artwork into wearable art!

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