We’re back! Creative Cutters: Acrylics 101

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Here in Texas, the summer heat is still blazing but most of the schools are back in session – and that means our Creative Cutters group meetings have resumed!

Creative Cutters

It was SO good to see everyone again! We had a nice group of ladies ranging in age from 11 to 78 and representing three states – Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. I love having new people join us!

Our topic for the evening was Acrylics 101 and the projects included acrylic keychains and acrylic cuff bracelets.

Each person was able to choose from an assortment of tassel colors, designs, and Sparkleberry Ink patterns to create their own unique keychain. (Many of the patterns we used have been part of the monthly Sparkleberry box subscription.)

Silhouette Design Store ID #58854


Silhouette Design Store butterflies
Silhouette Design Store ID #63842


Silhouette Design Store heart
Silhouette Design Store ID #187129


All other supplies were from Craft Chameleon, a small mom & pop shop that specializes in craft products, blanks, tools, and supplies used by both Silhouette crafters and embroiderers.

(Click on the item description to be taken to the Craft Chameleon website.)

2.5″ Round Disks

Medium Triangle Bail

Split Keyring & Chain

Oval Jump Rings

1.5″ Tassels

Tip: These bent-nose pliers are very inexpensive and great for working with the bails and jump rings!

We also used blanks from Craft Chameleon to make cuff bracelets. Everyone was pretty amazed to see how you could apply heat transfer vinyl to a piece of acrylic, heat the acrylic, and then form it into a bracelet.

Creative Cutters

Creative Cutters

Creative Cutters

The blanks come in two sizes and a variety of colors, which gave everyone plenty of opportunity to exercise their creativity. The borders for the designs came from Craft Chameleon and the Silhouette Design Store and were cut from various types of HTV, including solids, glitter, Stahls’ Fashion FILM, and various Sparkleberry patterns.

Acrylic Cuff Bracelet

DIY 5/8″ Acrylic Cuff Bracelets

DIY Wide (1.5”) Acrylic Cuff Bracelets

Silhouette Design Store borders
Silhouette Design Store ID #25633

And the evening wouldn’t be complete without door prizes! Ms. Norma was visiting us from Oklahoma and she won a Mint 🙂 . A big thanks to Silhouette America for being such a great sponsor! 

Creative Cutters         Creative Cutters

I’ve already got a lot of fun projects planned for 2018-2019, so if you are in the East Texas area – or just here for a visit – I’d love to have you join us. Our next meeting is Tuesday, September 18, at 6:30 pm in Carthage. If you’d like more information, feel free to contact me or visit my Facebook page. You’re always welcome!

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