Creative Cutters: Crepe Paper Flowers

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When it comes to planning projects for Creative Cutters, I’m always looking for something new and different. Thanks to the Cameo 4 and its ability to cut a wide variety of materials, I now have even more creative possibilities. The crepe paper flowers we made this month are a perfect example!

A little history

Actually, crepe paper flowers are nothing new. More than a hundred years ago, ladies gathered to create crepe paper blossoms which were then used to adorn family graves on Decoration Day (similar to what is now known as Memorial Day here in the US). Fast forward to the 21st Century and we still find great pleasure and fellowship in crafting. Only now we have machines that do some of the prep work for us!

Women working on crepe paper flowers at craft class
Craft instructor and student making crepe paper flowers

Pattern & Supplies

For our project, we used Lia Griffith’s Simple Anemone Flower. Lia is a master when it comes to creating with paper (and much more)! The Simple Anemone is a perfect project for beginners. It can be made from many different types of paper and all pieces can be cut by hand if you don’t have a digital cutting machine.

Women working on crepe paper flowers at craft class
Woman working on crepe paper flowers at craft class

When cutting by machine, it’s especially important to use a high-quality crepe paper – not the kind you find on rolls at the party store. I chose to use Lia’s own brand of crepe paper. The petals and leaves were cut from various (and beautiful!) shades of double-sided crepe paper while the stamens were cut from single-ply extra-fine crepe paper in black.

Young girls at craft class gluing crepe paper flowers
Woman working on crepe paper flowers at crafting group

As always, it was fun to see which colors everyone chose to use and how they made their individual blossoms unique!

Mom and daughter at craft class

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Mom and daughters with crepe paper flowers

Show & Tell

The evening wasn’t all about flowers though as we had several members share other projects they’ve been working on. I love Show & Tell time!

Woman with decorated tumbler
Woman showing projects at craft class

Barbie, one of our newest members, won a Mint so now she’s an “official” member of the Silhouette family!

Woman with Silhouette Mint

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We always have a great time at Creative Cutters, no matter what we’re making. If you’re ever in the area, come join us! There’s always room for more at our craft table!

Women at Creative Cutters crafting group meeting

Until next time,

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