How to Create Custom Water-Resistant Labels Using Your Silhouette

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I’m not a globetrotter by any means but I do travel a fair bit. When traveling by air, I prefer to pack everything in one carry-on piece of luggage, which means that I need to conserve as much space as possible and keep all liquids in containers of no more than 100ml (3.4 ounces). And while hotels usually offer travel-size shampoos, conditioners, and lotions, I much prefer taking my own. With the help of my Silhouette and these great weatherproof labels from OnlineLabels.com, I created some travel containers that are functional, durable, and attractive. Let me show you how!

waterproof labels

OnlineLabels.com graciously provided samples for me to review, but all opinions are my own.

All screenshots are from Silhouette Studio, Version 4.1


Step 1: Prepare your surface

For this project, I recycled some containers I had on hand. The existing labels peeled off rather easily and any remaining adhesive was quickly removed with a bit of rubbing alcohol. OnlineLabels.com has some great tips for removing labels from a variety of surfaces here.

waterproof labels

You could also use purchased containers such as these:

or these:

Step 2: Determine the dimensions of your label

You can see from the photo above that I used a variety of different sized containers, so I needed a variety of label sizes as well.

Tapered containers:
2 in. tall, 0.9 in. top width, 0.7 in. bottom width

Rectangular container:
0.9 in. x 2.4 in.

Spray bottle:
1.1 in. x 2.4 in.

Step 3: Set up your page in Silhouette Studio

Page Size: 8.5 in x 11 in
Portrait Orientation
Show Print Border & Cut Border
Registration Marks On

silhouette studio

Step 4: Draw your label

Using the drawing tools, create a shape (or shapes) with the dimensions you chose in Step 2.  For the tapered rectangle, first draw a rectangle measuring 0.9 in wide x 2 in tall and then edit the corner points on the lower-left and lower-right (moving each of them an equal number of spaces toward the center) to decrease the bottom width to 0.7 in.

silhouette studio

Step 5: Add text and graphics/patterns

In the example shown here, I used a Watercolor Flower Pattern fill from the Silhouette Design Store (Design Store ID #252952) and the Jealous Script font from fontbundles.net. (And just in case you’re wondering why my vertical text is pointing up instead of down, it’s because that’s the way I like it. I’m just a rebel that way!)

waterproof labels

Be sure to set your text and graphics to NO CUT.

Step 6: Print

The labels I used are Product OL177WI – Weatherproof Gloss Inkjet – 8.5″ x 11″ Full Sheet Label No Back Slit (also known as sticker paper). They also come in a matte finish. The recommended printer setting for both is “Photo/Glossy” and I found that this worked well for me.

waterproof labels

Note: I positioned my labels on the page to conserve as much space as possible. In order to save the unprinted portions of the label sheet for future use, I used the Advanced Options in the Registration Marks tab of the Page Setup panel to increase the bottom inset to 7.75 in, which moved the lower-left registration mark higher on the page.

print & cut

waterproof labels

If you’re unsure how your design will look when printed, test print onto plain paper first. (Remember that the cut line of your label will not print unless you have increased the line weight to something above 0.0 pt)

Step 7: Cut

Using the Sticker Paper – Clear setting in Silhouette Studio, I achieved a perfect cut the first time. Always remember to Test Cut first!

waterproof labels

waterproof labels

Step 8: Apply

Simply peel & stick. (BONUS: if you don’t get it right the first time, they are very easy to reposition!)

Aren’t they pretty?

waterproof labels

I love my new travel bottles and can’t wait to use them on my next trip. Although the labels aren’t meant to be submersed in water,  I did run water over them for a few minutes to test their durability and I think they are going to hold up great! I’m already brainstorming other uses for these awesome weatherproof labels.

waterproof labels

waterproof labels
After being placed under running water for a few minutes. No smudges, smears, or lifting of the label!

Note: Even though my labels didn’t smear after being exposed to water. your project may require an extra layer of protection. If so, OnlineLabels.com recommends spraying it with an overcoat spray such as Krylon Preserve It.

Weatherproof labels are just one of the many products available from OnlineLabels.com. They have just about any variety of label you can imagine, so be sure to check out their website to see what all they have to offer. In addition to a wide variety of products, their website contains a TON of helpful information on measurement, use, design, material choice, etc. Their customer service staff is friendly and knowledgeable and shipping is fast!

What kind of labeling projects have you made using your Silhouette? Are there more you’d like to try? Give me a shout in the comments below or visit me over on Facebook and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Hi Lycia! How long did the weatherproof gloss labels take to dry after printing? I think this may be the perfect product for the project I’ve been asked to help with. (140 soap bottles for birthday gifts)

    1. Hi Kelly! Not long at all! I let them sit for a bit, just to be on the safe side, but probably no more than 5-10 minutes. I’ve traveled with these bottles several times and there’s been no smearing of the pattern or printing. It was a fun project!

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