How to Use the Drawing Tools in Silhouette Studio

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Many great designs begin with very simple shapes. And it’s easy to create those shapes in Silhouette Studio once you know a few basics. These three videos will not only show you the basics of how to use the drawing tools in Silhouette Studio, but you’ll also learn how to combine shapes to create your own designs and then use some advanced functions like Center of Rotation and Advanced Replicate to take your design skills even further.

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To find out more about the Preference settings shown in the first video, see Silhouette Studio Preferences: Tool Options.

You’ll need Designer Edition or above to adjust the Center of Rotation point. Check out Swing Design for the best prices.

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Whether you want to create your own designs or just have fun doodling on the computer, the drawing tools in Silhouette Studio are lots of fun to use. I hope you’ll try them out for yourself. If you have any questions, leave me a comment below or come join the Silhouette Crafters by Design Facebook group. I’m always happy to help!

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  1. I had not idea the drawing tools would do so many things. Thank you so much for these great video tutorials!!!

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