Introducing the Silhouette Portrait 3

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The newest member of the Silhouette family is here! Like the earlier Portrait models, the Portrait 3 is compact but mighty. It’s the perfect cutting machine for travel or where space is limited such as a dorm room, apartment, or a small craft area.

Silhouette Portrait 3

So what’s new about it?

The Portrait 3 features:

  • A tool chamber that houses the same AutoBlade used in the Cameo 4 (with single tap reset)
  • Automatic Tool Detection
  • Matless cutting mode (“Pop-Out” Cut)

What’s included in the box:

What other tools are compatible with the Portrait 3?

Older tools require the use of an adapter set (sold separately):

  • Black adapter – Ratchet Blade, Fabric Blade, Premium Blade
  • Grey adapter – Deep Cut Blade
  • White adapter – 2mm Kraft Blade
  • Blue adapter – Silhouette Sketch Pens (black body)

The Rotary Blade, 3mm Kraft Blade, and Punch Tool are NOT compatible with the Portrait 3.

But wait, there’s more!

To celebrate the launch of the Portrait 3, Silhouette America is offering three specially priced bundles – full of fun supplies to use with your Silhouette cutting machine. Use my promo code CAUGHT to grab these great deals while you can!

Portrait Basics Bundle

$25.99 with promo code
($45.96 value)

Portrait Cutting Mat (Standard Tack)
Scratch-off Sticker – Printable
Sticker Sheets – Rose Gold Foil

Sticker Bundle

$25.99 with promo code
($37.46 value)

Sticker Sheets – Clear
Sticker Sheets – White
Sticker Sheets – Silver Foil
Washi Paper Sheets
Sticker Sheets – White Glitter

Specialty Media Bundle

$29.99 with promo code
($51.95 value)

Temporary Tattoo Paper
Scratch-Off Sticker – Gold
Shrink Plastic – Clear
Magnet Paper – Adhesive
Stencil Sheets – Adhesive

Plus, all adhesive vinyl is 40% off…but only when you use my promo code:


Click here to take advantage of these deals!

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Silhouette Portrait 3

Head on over to Silhouette America to check out the Portrait 3 for yourself! If you have any questions, leave a comment below or come visit me over in the Silhouette Crafters by Design Facebook group. I’m always happy to help!

Until next time,

Sale prices good through 8/31/20.

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  1. Do you know how to get the white page to disappear on the portrait3? my cameo doesn’t show the page. Just wondering if you knew.

    1. Hi Michelle! I think you’re asking about the white design page? If you don’t want it to appear as white, change the Transparency (in older versions of the software, it’s called “Reveal”) percentage in the Page Setup Panel. The higher you go with the number, the less white that will show. Hope that helps!

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