Introducing the Craft Pro Heat Press

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Last week I posted several questions that you should ask yourself before purchasing a heat press. I also mentioned that I just purchased a new heat press that I would be telling you more about. The Craft Pro heat press from Heat Press Nation has just been released to the public and I’m excited to be sharing my impressions of it with you today!

I’ve been using a 15-inch x 15-inch clamshell press for almost two years now and it has worked well and fit my needs here at home. But when it came time to travel to classes, I needed something a bit smaller and lighter. When I heard about the Craft Pro, I was eager to try it out!

The Craft Pro comes in two sizes – 13 x 9 and 15 x 15. I chose the 13 x 9 model, since my main goal was to be able to travel with it to my classes and workshops. Weighing in at almost 65 pounds, the Craft Pro is not meant to be portable but it IS manageable. The Craft Pro also requires very little effort to operate, which means less user-fatigue when pressing.

One of the best features of the Craft Pro (in my opinion) is the slide-out lower platen, allowing you to work away from the heat source when placing transfers onto the substrate – an option found only on much more expensive models up until now. Heat Press Nation is the first company to offer this design in a press geared to the hobby market. It also has a removable silicone pad which prevents over-pressing when adding designs to both the front and back of t-shirts or other apparel. Because the pad is not glued down to the lower platen, it is easy to replace if needed.

There are so many great features of the Craft Pro that it would be almost impossible to detail them all in one post. I’ve only been using mine for about a week now, but am already seriously considering purchasing the 15 x 15 unit as well.

What else will you find in the Craft Pro?

  • Compact design that fits easily into your crafting space
  • Fully digital time and temperature gauge, allowing for precise temperature control
  • Temperature scale in either Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • Automatic floating top platen for even heat and pressure
  • Easily adjustable pressure knob
  • Modular design with easily removable/replaceable computer boxes and heating elements
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty (parts & labor)
  • Lifetime technical support

Bonus: It’s blue and white color scheme coordinates well with your Cameo, Portrait or Curio 🙂 .

How much does it cost?

13” x 9” model – MSRP $289.99

15” x 15” model – MSRP $329.99

While it is a bit pricier than some of the entry-level models you’ll find online at places such as Amazon.com, I truly feel that the features and warranty make it money well spent. Heat Press Nation has been in business for over ten years and they will make sure you’re happy with your purchase and that you don’t regret your investment.

Want to know more? Visit heatpressnation.com to check out not only the new Craft Pro but all the other models they offer as well. And if you’d like to see the Craft Pro in action, check out this video that shows me unboxing my own Craft Pro and using it for the first time:


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  1. I am thinking about getting one of these. Does it have the fuse on it? Do you have yours set up on it’s own breaker?

    1. Hi Jenni – the Craft Pro has a circuit breaker that can be reset if needed, but no separate fuse. (I can email you a photo of it if you’d like.) I don’t have mine set up on its own breaker, but I only plug it in when I’m using it. Hope this helps!

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