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Silhouette America offers many types of specialty media and even more are scheduled for release over the next few weeks. I have big plans to try them all (eventually!) but one product that I’ve used for years is their Printable Gold Foil.

Printable Gold Foil is actually a gold foil sticker paper, yet it is thicker than the average sticker. It has an adhesive backing and a surface that can be printed on using an ink-jet printer.

I’ve created Print & Cut files with the foil as it’s designed to be used, but also used it as a simple foil accent when needed.

Here are just a few examples:

Trophies labeled with printable gold foil
Printable Gold Foil turns an inexpensive plastic trophy into a personalized award.
Gold coin & golden calf stickers made with printable gold foil
These gold coin and golden calf stickers are just one of the many ways I use my Silhouette when preparing Bible class materials.
Ceramic trinket box personalized with printable gold foil
My original plan for this ceramic trinket box was to accent it with heat transfer adhesive and metallic foil. When that idea failed, I used Printable Gold Foil with great results!
Wedding invitation seals made from printable gold foil
This filigree design from the Silhouette Design Store (Design ID #29136) provided the perfect finishing touch for these invitation wraps.
Wedding program with printable gold foil accent
A square of Printable Gold Foil adhered to the back of this wedding program cover allows just a touch of gold to peek through the heart cutout.

As you can see, Printable Gold Foil is much more than just a fancy sticker paper. It has many uses which are limited only by your imagination. In addition to gold, Silhouette offers silver and rose gold printable foils. You can look forward to hearing more from me about those in the future!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when working with Silhouette Printable Foil:

  • You may need to play around with your printer settings a bit. Although I’ve had great success with the “Normal” setting on my printer, you may get better results using “Best” or “Photo”.
  • Allow a minute or two for the ink to dry before you begin cutting, in order to avoid smudges.
  • Start with the default Silhouette cut settings for “Foil, Printable” and perform a test cut. You want to cut all the way through the foil but leave the backing intact (known as a “kiss cut”) so that you can easily peel away your design.
  • The sheen of the foil may interfere with the Silhouette’s ability to read the registration marks on a Print & Cut design. The solution may be more…or possibly even less…light. At times, I have had to turn off all overhead lighting and shine a flashlight directly on the area under the optic scanner to get my Cameo to read the marks properly. Again, this is something you just need to experiment with. You can also cover the corners of the gold foil with white sticker paper or an adhesive label so that the registration marks are printed on the white paper rather than the gold foil.

What do you think? Have you tried any of the Silhouette printable foils? Would you like to? Is there any other specialty media you’re wanting to try but haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet? Leave me a comment below or visit me over on my Facebook page and share your ideas!




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Like what you see? Share it!


  1. Another great post! I love the many ways you have used the printable gold foil and your imagination!!! Thank you!!!

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