The Silhouette User’s Gift Guide (Part 1)
Machines, Tools, Specialty Items, and other fun stuff

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Is a Silhouette machine on your holiday wish list? Wondering what you’ll need to go with it? Are you already a Silhouette user and looking to try some new things? Or maybe your significant other wants to put some Silhouette goodies under the tree this year but doesn’t have a clue where to start? Whatever the case may be, look no further because my Silhouette Gift Guide is full of suggestions!

Some are what I consider Silhouette “must-haves”, while others are simply nice to have or just plain fun! In today’s post you’ll find the basics along with some specialty media and then next week I’ll share lists geared toward paper crafting, glass etching, fabric cutting, and working with heat transfer vinyl. Share the posts with anyone who’ll be shopping with you in mind this holiday season!

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The Silhouette User’s Gift Guide
Machines, Tools, and Specialty Items


Whether you’re looking to buy your first machine, upgrading to a newer model, or adding another to your collection, there are some great deals out there on both the Cameo 3 as well as the newest mini model, the Portrait 2. Don’t want white? For a limited time, the Cameo 3 is also available in black and pink.

Cameo 3



  • Blades
    • Auto Blade (Cameo 3 & Portrait 2 only)
    • Ratchet (all machines)
    • Premium (extra durable; can last up to 3 times longer than a regular ratchet blade)
    • Deep Cut (Cameo 3, Portrait 2, and Curio only)


Nice to Have

(I also have a beautiful custom-made tote which I purchased on Etsy.)

Specialty Materials

These are just of a few of the many Silhouette specialty materials available. To see even more, click here.


Is there something on your Silhouette wish list that I missed? I’d love to know about it! Leave me a comment below or post on my Facebook page. And don’t forget to come back next week and check out the Silhouette User’s Gift Guide, Part 2.

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P.S. – If you’re interested in taking some classes to learn even more about your Silhouette, how about putting a Caught by Design gift certificate on your wish list? Contact me for more information.

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