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I am blessed with a wonderful mother! She’s always giving of herself and asking very little in return. So when she mentioned that what she’d really like for Mother’s Day was for me to help her clean up and organize her sewing room, I jumped at the chance. I love organization almost as much as I love my Silhouette and I love my Mama even more – and what Mama wants…Mama gets!!!

I’m pretty sure her original intention was for us to simply clear the cutting table, de-clutter the room a bit, and organize her fabric stash. But in order to give her a space that would truly inspire creativity, I knew we’d have to go deeper – a LOT deeper. So we began by emptying out her storage closet. We sorted, we purged, and we organized. Then we sorted, purged, and organized some more. And then we sorted, purged, and organized even MORE. Turns out that I had greatly underestimated Mom’s ability to stash so many things into one relatively small space!

I’m now happy to report that in less than one week, we accomplished our (my!) goal. The cutting table is now clean and the floor is clear. There is room to work on a project without having to push things to the side or stash them elsewhere. Quilting fabric is neatly folded and organized by color on a bookshelf that greets you as you enter the room. Projects in progress, patterns, and sewing notions are all containerized and stored in such a way that they are easy to get out and easy to put away. There is literally “a place for everything and everything is in its place”.

To help keep things organized each container is labeled with a sticker designed in Silhouette Studio and cut on the Cameo using the Print & Cut feature. The software allowed me to easily customize them to the shape and size I wanted and include the desired text.

While designing, I played around with the Pattern Fill options but ultimately decided to leave them white to avoid making the closet look too busy. An offset dashed line mimics the look of stitching and provides just the right amount of embellishment.

As a little surprise, I created this wall decal in Silhouette Studio and managed to apply it just in time for a Mother’s Day “reveal”. It was my first time to design something like this as well as my first time using patterned vinyl. I think it provides the perfect finishing touch to the room. Judging from Mom’s reaction when she saw it, I believe she agrees.

Don’t expect to see our work in the pages of any decorating magazines, but Mom is thrilled with the room and that’s all that matters. It was a labor of love and I can truly say I treasured every moment of us working together. Happy Mother’s Day, Mama…I’m already looking forward to our next project!


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  1. Dearest Lycia, I can’t express how much I love you and how I loved our week of working together. As I read your blog, tears of joy came to my eyes, smiles to my face and joy at the blessing you are in my life. I never dreamed we would do so much. You are tireless! It was great fun and the room is fantastic. I’ve never had such an organized – and with the wall art, beautiful – work space. Thank you so much! The gift of your time and hard work was priceless! Love you always.

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