15 Ways Celebrate National Craft Month (all year long!)

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Did you know that March is National Craft Month? Yep, that’s right! Crafters are so cool that we need more than one day to celebrate our awesome talents…we get a whole MONTH!!!

According to the Days of the Year website, National Craft Month is “all about learning new crafts, finding a new favorite handy hobby or perhaps revisiting a hobby you used to love back in the day.”

Besides being fun, studies have also shown that creativity benefits your health in a number of ways, giving us even more reason to celebrate National Craft Month! With that in mind, here is a list of ways that you can commemorate your own creative pursuits!

Ideas to Celebrate National Craft Month

1. Participate in a challenge.

Many brick-and-mortar craft stores, Facebook groups, and online retailers host challenges not only during National Craft Month but at other times of the year as well. In the Silhouette Crafters by Design Facebook group, we have a themed challenge each month. The winner is chosen at random and receives some Happy Mail. Participating in a challenge like this builds a sense of community and can be a great source of inspiration and encouragement.

2. Try a new technique.

If there’s a technique you’ve been wanting to try, but have been putting it off, now is the time! Find an online tutorial or YouTube video, gather your supplies, and PLAY!!!

3. Make a craft date with a friend.

There’s nothing better than spending the day with a friend, especially when you’re crafting together! If your bestie isn’t crafty, then offer to teach him/her a new skill. They can return the favor by sharing something they’re interested in. If you don’t live close enough to spend time together in person, make a date to craft via FaceTime or Zoom.

4. Take a class.

This one probably comes as no surprise, coming from a craft blogger and instructor! Whether you want to learn something new or learn more about a craft you already enjoy, chances are that you can find a class for it – either online or in-person. Check out sites such as Udemy and CreativeLive or Google “craft classes for [whatever you’re interested in]” to get more ideas.

5. Make something just because you want to.

Got a project in mind that you want to make? Don’t worry about how it’s going to look or what you’ll do with it when it’s finished. Just do it!

6. Get rid of any lingering UFOs.

UnFinished Objects. We all have them. And they can really weigh us down mentally – zapping all our creative energy. Don’t waste another minute fretting over things you haven’t finished. If it’s a project you love, make the time to finish it. If it’s lost its appeal, just belt out the theme song from Frozen and “let it go!!!”

7. Make your creative space more efficient.

Take some time to really study your creative space and figure out what’s working and what’s not. Do you need to de-clutter? Rearrange things to put often-used supplies in closer reach? Buy a cart or rolling tote so that you can craft in the kitchen or dining room and then clean up quickly? Investing in yourself and your hobbies will pay big dividends in the form of time saved and the increased satisfaction you get from your creative time.

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15 Ways to Celebrate National Craft Month

8. Donate unneeded craft supplies to a school, church, or community center.

While you’re working on #7, set aside craft supplies that are in good shape that you no longer need. Then look for a school, church, community center, or nursing home in your area that can put them to good use. I assure you, the recipients will be grateful!

9. Treat yourself.

Is there a new supply or crafting tool you’ve had your eye on? Treat yourself! If it’s a big ticket item that you can’t afford just yet, start saving for it. Even a dollar or two a week will go a long way toward making the dream a reality.

10. Visit a craft fair, take a nature walk, or go window shopping.

Sometimes you just need a change of scenery to kickstart your creativity. Browsing at craft fairs, antique stores, flea markets, and other similar places or just being out in nature can be a great source of inspiration. I get some of my best ideas on my morning walks without the computer, phone, or television to distract me.

11. Share your skills.

Everyone has a gift to share – and that includes YOU! I promise, there’s someone out there that would love to learn more about whatever it is that you’re passionate about. Youth organizations such as 4-H are always in need of guest speakers. Nursing home residents would enjoy an afternoon of crafting, even if it’s just a simple project. And local libraries often host workshops or community outreach projects that could benefit from your expertise.

12. Work with a new color.

Is there a color that you rarely use in your crafting? Shake things up and give it a go! Choose a color that you haven’t used much in the past and make it part of your next project!

13. Buy a crafting magazine or how-to book.

Browse around the newstand section of larger bookstores and you’ll find magazines dedicated to almost every hobby or interest. Whether you’re looking for instruction or just want some eye-candy, they’re a great treat when you need some creative inspiration.

14. Listen to a new podcast.

There’s a podcast out there for just about every subject imaginable. They can be inspirational, educational, or simply entertaining. I like a wide variety and listen to them while I’m crafting, out walking, or on long drives.

15. Support another crafter.

If you have the opportunity to buy from another crafter, do it! Check out local shops in your area for unique handcrafted items. Visit a craft fair. Browse on Etsy. And be sure to leave a good review or give them a shout-out on social media whenever possible!

I challenge you to try at least one of these ideas this month or combine a few of them together for even more fun. But don’t just use them to celebrate National Craft Month. Do something creative every dayall year long!

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