How Can a Hands-On Class or Workshop Benefit You?

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Nine Reasons to Take a Hands-On Class or Workshop

Hi, my name is Lycia and I’m a class junkie.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me explain.

I love to learn. I always have and I hope I always will. My interests are quite varied, ranging from cooking to computers, and include lots of other things in between. I’ve taken many classes over the years, using a variety of different methods, for both professional and personal development. And while I’m thankful for online educational opportunities – especially since I live in a rural area – I’ve found there’s really no substitute for in-person classes that provide hands-on experience.

At this point you may be saying, “Of course she prefers hands-on classes. She’s an instructor!” But it’s not my role as an teacher that has influenced me, it’s my experience as a STUDENT. And as a student, I’ve found that hands-on classes provide some unique benefits.

Here are nine reasons to take a hands-on class or workshop:
  1. Connect with others. In this digital age, so much of our day-to-day interaction is done from behind a computer screen. Getting together with people in person provides an experience that can’t be replaced by Facebook, Instagram, or a text message. When those people share your interests, it’s a bonus.
  2. Learn a new technique. If you’re like me, it’s hard to break out of your comfort zone. I see things I’d like to try but don’t have the confidence to strike out on my own so I’m tempted to stick with what I know. It helps to stretch our creative muscles from time to time and what better place to do so than in a hands-on class?
  3. Experiment with new products. Crafting tools and supplies can be expensive, especially if you’re not ready to make a full-fledged commitment to a certain hobby or technique. For many hands-on classes, use of larger/more expensive tools is included in the class fee. It’s a terrific way to try something new without spending a great deal of money.
  4. Get help from an “expert”. While there can be exceptions, if someone is teaching a class they generally have some expert advice to share. Often an instructor will pass on tips and tricks that save you a lot of time and/or frustration in the long run. If you’re dealing with a specific problem and need one-on-one help, your instructor can point you in the right direction.
  5. Learn from your fellow students. If there’s anything a good instructor knows, it’s that he/she can’t know everything! Your fellow students can be as valuable as your teacher. We all learn from experience – our own and that of others!
  6. Be inspired. During class, you get a chance to see what others are doing and you (hopefully) learn to think beyond the immediate. Creativity breeds creativity. It’s as simple as that.Maker quote by Amy Rubin Flett
  7. Invest in yourself. This is a big one! Taking time out from your day-to-day routine and responsibilities and spending time learning about something you enjoy fills your soul. It sounds cliché, but you have to nourish yourself in order to be of service to others.
  8. Create a memory. A few years ago, my daughter gifted me with an evening together at one of those art studios that offers group painting classes. I’m not a painter (nor am I very artistic) and my finished work is far from a masterpiece, but it’s something I treasure. More than anything else though, I treasure the memory of that evening. Seeing that picture on the wall reminds me of a wonderful night spent with my “baby girl” and brings a smile not only to my face, but to my heart as well.
  9. HAVE FUN! Last but not least, taking classes is just plain FUN, which is a good enough reason all by itself!

No matter what your interests are, you have much to gain from attending a hands-on class. If your focus is on learning more about the Silhouette, find out if there’s a licensed instructor in your area. If not, seek out people who share your enthusiasm (social media is a great resource!) Form a group of your own and learn from each other!

Hope to see you in class!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I’d never stopped to think much about investing in myself. All of these reasons are great ones and so worth going back and reading many times to encourage us to do more just for our own enrichment. Thank you again.

    1. You’re welcome. I think a lot of women have difficulty taking time out for themselves, especially when it’s for something that’s “just a hobby”. Yet it really is true that when our own cup is full, we have so much more to give to others. Thanks for commenting!

    1. Thanks Barbara! One thing I really miss about living in a more suburban area is ready access to hands-on classes. I know the internet has also played a role in that since so many things are now online. I appreciate your comment!

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