Creative Cutters: Sharing the Silhouette Fun

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Without a doubt, the highlight of my week has been the launch of the Creative Cutters group. What a great group of ladies (and even a couple of men 🙂 ) were on hand to get the party started!

All experience levels were represented – those who’d never heard of a Silhouette before, brand-new machine owners, some who’ve owned their machine for a while but haven’t done much with it, and still others who have used their machine extensively but want to expand their knowledge.

Since it’s impossible in just a short period of time to showcase all the Silhouette is capable of, I decided to focus on vinyl during this first meeting, beginning with an overview of its different types and uses.

(click on image to download)

We talked about places to buy vinyl, where to find cut files (and how to create your own), and the different editions of Silhouette Studio.

Despite some technical difficulties (translation: the projector wouldn’t connect to my computer – arrrrgh!), I managed a quick demo of how to open designs in Studio, how to align two shapes, and the magic of cutting on the Cameo.

Then it was project time! Using the same idea I shared in this post, each person selected from a variety of pre-cut designs, then learned to weed the vinyl and apply it to a ceramic tile using transfer tape. Some of the designs were more challenging to weed than others, and we did have one or two “do-overs”, but the end result was something that each participant was proud to take home.

I’ve said before how much I love hands-on classes and this one was no exception. My ultimate goal was an evening of fun, laughter, and camaraderie and that’s exactly what we had!

So if you’re in the East Texas area, don’t miss out on the fun. Come join us for our next meeting on September 19 at 6:30 pm. Rumor has it there will be “bling” involved 😉 .

Hope to see you there!



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  1. What a great class!!! Thank you, Lycia, for making this opportunity possible!! Some of us (?) are slow learners!! Can’t wait for the bling!!

  2. Thank you so much for starting this group activity so we can just have some fun learning some of the many things the digital cutters especially Silhouette can do. Meeting new people, learning new things and having fun! WIN, WIN, WIN!!! Most of all, thank you, Lycia, for sharing your expertise with us in this format.

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