How to Engrave Tile Using the Glowforge

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Each new project I make with my Glowforge quickly becomes a favorite and that is certainly the case with these engraved tile ornaments. I had originally planned to add the design using adhesive vinyl, but decided to experiment with the Glowforge first and I was thrilled with the results! Read on to find out just how quick and easy it was to create them!

This is Part 3 of a three-part tutorial on creating monogrammed tile ornaments. You can find the other tutorials by clicking on the links below:

Part 1 – DIY Monogrammed Tile Ornaments

Part 2 – How to Cut Craft Foam Using Your Silhouette Machine

What You’ll Need:

Create the Design

Step 1: Create an outline of the tile

To see how I created an exact replica of the tile shape in Silhouette Studio, check out this tutorial. This will be line color 1 (red).

Screenshot of traced cut lines in Silhouette Studio
Step 2: Create the monogram design
  1. In Silhouette Studio, create the monogram using a combination of the Amastery and Orments fonts.
  2. Change the line color and fill color to black. This will be line color 2.
  3. Weld the fonts together.
  4. Select all portions of the monogram and create a compound path. You can skip this step if welding results in a single element. (Note the small dots to the left of the E monogram in the photo below. This is an example of when you will need to create a compound path so that all elements of the monogram are combined into a single design.)
  5. Size the monogram to fit within the outline and center as desired.
  6. Save the design as an SVG.
E monogram created in Silhouette Studio to use with the Glowforge
Step 3: Engrave on the Glowforge
  1. Open the SVG in the Glowforge app.
  2. Use the outline shape to help position the monogram on the tile.
  3. Set the outline shape to Ignore.
  4. Set the monogram to Engrave using the following settings:

Speed: 400
Full Power
Lines per Inch: 225

Screenshot of Arabesque tiles in Glowforge
Step 4: Touch Up & Seal
  1. If any of the charred areas lifted away during the engraving process, remove them completely and touch up the engraved area with a black Sharpie or paint pen. (Most of the ornaments I engraved did not lift, but there was a small section on the R and one S that did.)
  2. Wipe away any dust or debris from the tile using a soft cloth.
  3. Seal the design with 2-3 coats of acrylic spray sealer (make sure touch-up paint is dry first!) and allow to dry thoroughly.
Glowforge engraved tile
Glowforge engraved tile
Set of Glowforge engraved Arabesque tiles
Step 5: Complete the ornament

Follow the instructions in the DIY Monogrammed Tile Ornaments tutorial to complete the ornament.

I think the results are simple but quite elegant and the whole process took very little time or effort!

Set of Glowforge engraved Arabesque tiles

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