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25 of the Best Tools for Silhouette Crafters

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Do you have a Silhouette crafter on your gift list this year? Wondering what to buy for them? With so many great tools and gadgets out there, it’s hard to know just what they want or need! To help you get started, I spent some time looking around my craft room and made a list of “must-haves” – things I use on a regular basis that are sure to please!

(updated November 2022)

Note: Many (but not all) of the links included in this post are affiliate links. By purchasing through these links, you help support Caught by Design without any additional cost to you. In some cases, using my promo codes will actually SAVE you money!

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Silhouette Machine

You can’t be a Silhouette crafter without a Silhouette machine! Even after all these years, I’m still amazed at the results I’m able to achieve with my Silhouette Cameo and Portrait. Together we’ve been able to create so many beautiful things!


When I bought my first Cameo in 2013, I also purchased the Designer Edition upgrade and cannot imagine designing without it. Check out this post to compare the different levels of Studio software.


I use the standard mat most often, but the light-hold mat is perfect for paper crafts.

Silhouette 12x12 standard cutting mat


  • AutoBlade (Cameo 4 & Portrait 3 only)
  • AutoBlade (Cameo 3 & Portrait 2 only)
  • Ratchet (all machines)
  • Premium (My favorite! It’s extra durable, lasting up to 3 times longer than a regular ratchet blade.)
  • Deep Cut (Cameo 3, Portrait 2, and Curio only)

General Purpose Tools and Supplies

Silhouette Pick Me Up Tool

Heat Press & Accessories

Paper Crafting Tools & Supplies

We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board


  • Carrying Case – I have several carrying cases but this one has quickly become my favorite.
  • Design Store subscription – not only can I buy designs at a discount, but having credit in my account each month allows me to take advantage of the Express Checkout feature, which I love! (Be sure to use the code CAUGHT to save 10%!!!)
  • And finally…blanks, blanks, and more blanks! Any crafter would love a gift card from places like Amazon, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels to purchase what they need or want.
Carrying Case for Silhouette Cameo

There you have it – a list of my most used tools and supplies that are sure to put a smile on the face of any Silhouette user! If you’d like to know more about the suppliers I recommend, visit my Recommended Brands and Suppliers page.

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Until next time – happy shopping!

Like what you see? Share it!


  1. Hi Lycia. I bought it in October 2019. Talked with Luxja in November after they read my review and realized something had changed with their bag. I have a Cameo 3. They refunded my purchase and told me to keep the bag. I’ll use it for vinyl when I travel
    with the machine. I sent them lots of pictures to help them out since they helped me out. Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for the info! I really appreciate the heads-up. I also purchased mine in October 2019 and as I said, I’ve had no trouble using it with both my Cameo 3 and my Cameo 4. I’m glad the company was willing to work with you when you experienced a problem.

  2. I would recommend being very careful with that bag. I bought it for my silhouette c3. It was I think originally designed for a cricut but it was too small for my silhouette. I had several conversations with the company and they stood behind my concern and refunded. They asked me how it was too small, I told them. And sent them pictures. Last conversation I had with them they were planning to make it just a bit bigger to fit the Sil. They also make bags for the easy press which are great. I own two of those and one
    For my sewing machine. Luxja is a good company from what I can see though. I hope they do adjust the bag so the cameos all fit.

    1. Hi Shelley! Thanks for your comment! Which machine do you have and how long ago did you purchase the carrying case? I’ve used it for both my Cameo 3 and my Cameo 4 and had no trouble fitting either of them in there.

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